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Create all types of assignments.

MuseClass supports all your assignments to keep everything in one place.


Video Assignments

Students can record video directly from their smartphone using the MuseClass mobile app. After submitting their best take, you'll be able to see and hear them on the grading screen in your teacher portal.


Audio Assignments

Students can record audio directly from their smartphone using the MuseClass mobile app. After submitting their best take, you'll be able to listen to them on the grading screen in your teacher portal.


In-Person Assignments

When doing in-person assessments, simply enter your scores into MuseClass to keep all your students' grades and feedback in one place. The gradebook makes it easy to keep track of student progress.

The fastest grading experience ever made.

Everything you need to quickly grade all your assignments on one screen, optimized for speed.


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Mobile app for students.

It's easy for your students to view, record, and submit assignments.


100% Free for teachers and students.

Create unlimited assignments with all your students, completely free.

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MuseClass web app

Create classes and enroll students

Send customized assignments

Send feedback to students

Full gradebook functionality



MuseClass mobile app

Video assignments

Audio assignments

In-person assignments

Attachments & notifications

Teachers love MuseClass.

MuseClass gives teachers precious time back every day. Here's what people are saying.


With its ridiculously user friendly and straightforward environment, MuseClass is a breath of fresh air from the high learning curve of most band centered programs and applications.

Kyle Marx

Assistant Band Director, Klein Oak HS


I am so glad someone finally decided to develop a program that addresses all the complaints band directors and students have been experiencing through the other assessment platforms.

Ryan Demkovich

Director of Bands, Stephen F. Austin HS


The software looks and feels great. It has the promise of being a powerful software program, capable of replacing two or three of the many programs I use to digitally assess student performance.

Chris Yee

Director of Bands, Cedar Park HS

Frequently Asked Questions

MuseClass is FREE for Teachers and Students!

A core belief of Muse Group is that technology should be free for users. The more people who are learning and teaching music the better. In the future we may look at charging for copyrighted content that is integrated into MuseClass. However, you will not be charged for any materials that you already own or create on your own. It is possible that in the future we may add features to MuseClass which may not be free, but everything you see now will stay free.

Teachers - The MuseClass teacher application is web-based, and can be used on any browser. It is currently optimized for laptop and desktop computers, but is accessible from any device.

Students - The MuseClass student assignments mobile app is available to download for free from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Chromebooks.

As many as you like! MuseClass is free for all teachers and students.

When you first setup your account, you will be prompted if you would like to add additional teachers to your organization. If you would like to add additional teachers at a later time, anyone with an Admin role in your organization can click on the Organization tab and invite additional teachers to your organization. Only users that have the Admin role are able to view the Organization tab. These roles can be set or adjusted when adding a teacher or by editing a teachers info in the Organization tab.

At this time, the following types of files will be viewable by both teachers and students: Audio Files, Video Files, Image Files, PDF's

There are no limits on a specific file's size, however, the My Files section has a limit of 1GB of total space allowed for each teacher. It is up to the teacher on how they would like to utilize that space. If you need more space, please feel free to Contact Us.


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